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A missing Prussia fanart

Hi everyone.

I hope this is allowed.  My eyes are dying from all the radiation and I still can't find what I'm looking for. T_T I hope you guys can help.

I'm looking for this beautiful fanart of Prussia sitting on a throne, looking all snazzy.  He's wearing his red furry cape thingy and a nice crown.  I've seen it several times before -- but now I simply can't find it.  And I do not know what came over me, but I didn't save it. D:

[25 icons] Gilbo~

This is late. Very late. I only learned of this comm today. =.= FAIL FOR ME.
Anyway, they were made for Gilbert's birthday. :D


Right this way~

(FanFic) Never Thought...

Title: Never thought...
Author/Artist: Hotaru/zorbazura001
Characters: England, Hong Kong, Prussia. Mentionings of China and Korea.
Pairing: England/Hong Kong, Prussia/Hong Kong.
Rating: T
Warnings: implications, OOCness, randomness
Summary: He never thought that Hong Kong might hate him for it.

Awesome fake cut to journal 

[Fanfic] Gilbert the Comedian

Title: Gilbert Does Standup
Characters/Pairings: Prussia, Prussia/France, France/England, Spain/Romano, Austria/Hungary, Germany, America, Italy
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Germany decides it's time for Prussia to get a new job, outside of the government. Prussia decides he'd be a freaking awesome comedian. His routine includes stories of the nations in the audience, language kink, confetti, transformers, and international law.
Author's Note: I would totally consider doing more parts of this when inspiration strikes. Tell me if you wanna see more <3

(Fake cut to writing journal)

[FANFIC] Gilbo and the Gilbirds [1/?]

Title: Gilbo and the Gibirds [1/?]
Author/Artist: syusuke_kun31
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Prussia, Germany, Italy, England, implied/hints of pairings which may appear sooner or later or now.
Rating: T
Warnings: Cursing, unBETA-ed (I'm really sorry >_< )
Summary: Prussia forms a band. With his chicks. Hell yeah!

guys all this trolling is making prussia sad and cut himself so i made this fanart to change your minds so you will like prussia and stop trolling his comm meanies ;___;


Sigh. This is neverending, isn't it.

It seems those fuckers have trolled us again.

For the record, my screen name is Paleluh. Pelaluh, Palleluh, or any various thereof are NOT ME. Thank you, have a good day.

I've also set entries on moderation. Go on and be awesome.
Some actual CONTENT here to counteract the massive trolling flood. -_-;;

Title: A Letter From a Distant Land
Author/Artist: Sami-Fire (Me!)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Prussia (and Germany... kind of)
Rating: PG-13 (Prussia's potty mouth gets in the way as usual)
Warnings: Prussia's aforementioned potty mouth. Also contains UnusuallySoft!Angsty!Prussia.
Summary: One day, Prussia decides to write a letter to his brother...

From one awesome brother to another...Collapse )

Title: Coming Undone
Author/Artist: Sami-Fire (Me!)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Prussia, Russia at the end
Rating: PG-13 (Prussia's potty mouth gets in the way as usual)
Warnings: Prussia's aforementioned potty mouth. Also... kind of disturbing, maybe.
Summary: Prussia suffers from something other than egomania.

What the hell's going on with me today?Collapse )

Just a general note to all members.

Prussia, our darling Gilbo, represents this kingdom.

Russia is completely different.

If you didn't know that, you're fucking retarded.

And sad news, guys. Not everybody likes Prussia and his five meters of awesome. So the folks from the "nice" aphanon_meme decided to let us know that. That they hate Prussia and trolled this community. The following users, who have been found guilty of hating Prussia on top of other things, have been banned from this community:


If they harrass you outside of the community 'cause you're a Prussia fan or just for being who you are, feel free to tell the fuckers right off. They're violating terms of service on livejournal as well. On a personal level, I suggest you avoid them to keep from any mishaps happening. Remove them from your friends list, ban them from your journals (go here and type their names in with commas) and boycott them. Show them they're a disgrace to humanity and maybe they'll change their ways! Mind you, it's one thing to dislike a charecter and another thing entirely to spam the community of the charecter they don't like with nauseating images. Thank you for cooperating, this is your mod paleluh, signing out.


About name...

Why do some people call Prussia, Russia? Or P-Russia?

Maybe I'm just really slow, but I don't really get it....
because Prussia and Russia are two different people so...

Sorry, I'm kind of new to Prussia fandom.